With the help of our latest advanced targeting feature, you can create highly specific rules for targeting a campaign to your preferred audiences. In AppCarry, you’ll find common targeting rules, such as browser type, device brand, and operating system. Apart from that, you have the option to define and manage your own targeting rules.

To create a targeting rule in a campaign, open Particular Campaign > Targeting.

Creating Targeting Rule

You can create a targeting rule on any variable using certain logic and conditions.

Rule Block name: You can give a Name to your Rule, to identify the rule if you set multiple rules
in the campaign.

Rule Block Condition: You can select between AND / OR.

AND- when you are adding 2 conditions and both need to be True to pass Traffic.

OR - When out of 2 Conditions Any one of them should be True to pass traffic.

Event: You can set Targeting rules for any event, it can be on.

  • ALL
  • Click Only
  • Conversion + Goal
  • Conversion Only
  • Goal Only
  • Any Particular Goal in Campaign

Publishers: Select the publisher on which rule needs to be implemented.

  • Exclude Publisher: You can exclude certain publishers from the targeting rule.
  • Fallback URL: In case the particular targeting fails, you can set custom fallback URL in this section.
  • Fallback Campaign: You can select the campaign on which you want to redirect the traffic.
  • Variable: Variable on which you can set targeting on, you can use any variable from the above-mentioned list in this section to create a required targeting rule.
  • Logic: You can select between Deny and Allow.
  • Deny: This will block all the traffic which matches conditions and the value you enter below.
  • Allow: This will Allow all the traffic which matches conditions and the value you enter below.

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