The integration is necessary to record the conversions on your AppCarry Panel from the advertiser's end.

To do the same, you need to share the server postback URL by adding the correct macros and parameters in the AppCarry panel.

Where to find the Advertiser Postback?

  • An Advertiser Level postback can be fetched from two places in the panel.
  • First, you can go to the Advertiser Manage Section. There you can select any particular advertiser for which you want the postback URL and then find the same on the right side of the page.
  • Second, you can get inside any of the campaigns and find a card for conversion tracking. There you will find the Advertiser Postback as well.
  • You can fetch the postback URL from any place you find convenient.

Setup Campaign

Before sharing the postback with the advertiser, test the postback at your end.

Create a Campaign.

Add Goal as per the information shared by the advertiser.

Generating Default And Goal Postback URL

Your default conversion can be anything, it depends on which type of campaign you are running. It can be Install, Registration, Purchase, etc. 


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