The categorization plays a very major important role to put the campaigns under different categories based on selection criteria. It is advisable to create multiple categories and assign the campaigns to the same. The publishers can even be able to access the campaign categories and are able to pick up the campaigns easily when the categories are mentioned.

You can create a category into your panel by following the simple steps as given in this article. Also, you will learn how to manage those categories and assign campaigns to them.

How to add a new category?

For adding a new category, go to campaigns > Campaign Configurations > Categories.

In the categories dropdown, click on Add New > Add new Categories name in order to add new categories.

Once the Category is being added, you can assign that value to any campaign.

If the campaign is already added, then you can go to the Edit section to add the same in the category tab. But if you are creating a new campaign, you can select the category during that process in the details section.

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